Printer Project II



THE EPSON Stylus Pro 9800 super-format printer, roughly the size of an upright piano, and a comparison of prints 20 and 40 inches wide. Twice as wide equals four times as big. With two-inch margins on 44- inch roll stock, a print of 1:1.5 proportions would be about four feet by six feet.

The biggest prints we currently offer are made on roll stock 24 inches wide by 40 feet long: The maximum small dimension is 24 inches. In other words, you can have a print that's 24 by 55 inches, but not 25 by 55 inches. Our jumbo-format prints would be made using 44-inch roll stock.

With two-inch margins all around, this works out to a maximum small printed dimension of 20 inches for our current line and 40 inches for the jumbo-format prints — exactly twice the width even though the 44-inch paper is four inches shy of being twice as wide. Read more about our current large-format prints.



Larger Prints, Anyone?

LAST YEAR around this time we launched our Printer Project, where for $50 subscribers got the large-format print of their choice once enough patrons had signed up for us to buy the equipment to make prints two feet wide. It was a big success. Now, in response to your requests, we’re embarking on a similar project with a (literally) bigger objective — getting the equipment to make prints four times as large. So here’s the pitch:

      A limited number of charter subscriptions, at $200 each, will reserve one extra-large-format print (44 inches by up to 96 inches — that’s about four feet by eight feet, on 19 mil Arches Infinity French art paper) of your choosing, for delivery in May.  (The regular price for prints that big would be in the $350-$500 range, so this represents a significant saving.) In addition, we’ll send you two 17 x 22 inch prints right away, of the 1956 DeSoto and 1947 Bohn images pictured below (an $80 value). If we don’t get enough subscribers to meet our goal, we’ll refund your contribution, and you get to keep the 17 x 22 prints. There are two options for subscribing:

      1. Reserve a jumbo-format print now from our Prints section. Scroll to the bottom of any of more than 300 order pages and choose the Jumbo-Format Print option. Or save time by choosing from this page of suggested jumbo- format prints — especially sharp images that will look good extra-large.

      2. Reserve a jumbo-format print now, but choose the print(s) later (e-mail us any time up to April 15 with your choice). Click here. (To reserve more than one super-format print, enter a quantity greater than 1.) One reason you might choose this option is that new images are always being added to the list of available prints.

      Please note that you are not limited to the maximum possible dimensions for your print — you may choose a smaller size if you wish.

      The reservation window closes April 30, 2006. Thanks, everyone. I hope enough people show an interest to make this happen — David Hall, Fairfax Va.

• Sign up as a charter subscriber before April 15 and we'll send you these
17 x 22 inch prints, on textured museum-grade Arches Infinity imported French art paper (19 mil archival stock, 100 percent cotton), within 10 days.