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Nabisco Shredded Wheat, 1945
1953 calendar by David Lockhart
Grill in butter, simmer in pineapple
The Persistence of Agriculture
Totally baked
Albert Dorne for Wurlitzer
Matinee idyll
Funnies girl, 1948
Inner peas
Golden Glory Casserole
Life Savers, 1948
Westinghouse boogie-woogie
Maynard Dixon, 1946
Old Paint
Where Victory begins
The elastic allegory
Cantilever House
Patio Perfect
Television in the trees
The Sweethearts' Pal
Super-Service, 1943
Man of Brass
Salute to Memphis
Fly me to the Moon
Future cruise liner
Mars Snooper, 1959
Atomic Pulse Rocket
Space Towboats, 1960
Atlantic Clipper, 1938
Future Merry-Go-Round
Deeper and ever deeper
Toy boat toy boat toy  . . .
The war on dampness
Plaskon Molded Color
The Kelvinator
Stetson Whippet, 1950
Ocean liner of tomorrow
Catalin, Gem of Plastics
Texan walks into a bar
Camouflage factory
Moth ball magic
The owl and the oil
When Victory comes
Meet your new neighbor
City of the Future, 1958
An afternoon with pop
Good sight on a dark night
Beer gardening, 1959
The vicious cycle
Martians demand IFIC
Avoid mid-morning letdown
The Cornflake Kid
1958 Juice Jamboree
The Dream Fountain Pen
Friday Night Schlitzfry, 1958
Raiders of the Schlitzbox
You like it, it likes you