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Milk Truck of the Future
Fire Truck of the Future
1950 Trailmobile
Brokeback Mountain: The Prequel
1957 Mack Thermodyne Diesel
Bulldozer by Robert Riggs
1953 Ford motor coaches
Bus of many colors
Autocar Trucks, 1944
That Good Gulf Gasoline
1932 Chevrolet half-ton panel
On the Waterfront, 1945
1937 International Harvester D-50
1939 International kerosene tanker
1942 White Super Power trucks
The Bohn Express
America's heaviest crop
GM Detroit Diesel, 1956
Larry Baranovic, 1978
1946 International
1943 Autocar tanker
1945 Autocar oxygen hauler
1944 Autocar "Petrol" tanker
1947 Autocar ten-wheeler
GMC Trucks for 1959
1945 Autocar gasoline tanker
Autocar by William Campbell
Peak Oil Autocar, 1947
Autocar and Hellcats, 1944
Hey, that's us!
Old Yeller
Autocar and propeller
He's a lumberjack
Men of steel, 1945
First Choice of the Pros
Southern Pacific "Golden State"
RPM Delo, 1948
Bohn Future Commuter|
Trucks of the Future, 1963