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Transistorized Christmas, 1961
White Christmas, 1960
Christmas Bells, 1945
Just what Dad wanted!
Careful with those scissors
Silver Bells, 1959
Studebaker, 1945
Ho ho cough ho
Midnight coffee break
Universal Coffeematic, 1959
A Ballantine Thanksgiving
Antonio Petruccelli, 1933
Toy Story, 1959
Gum tree, 1952
Next Christmas: Bathrobes
Really, you shouldn't have
Christmas in South Florida
International Trucks, 1938
Santa Van Lines, 1939
Pete Hawley for Jantzen, 1948
Peeking Dirk, 1953
1941 Lincoln-Zephyr
Trimming the tree, 1948
Caffeinated carolers, 1950
The Big Green Stocking-Stuffer
City sidewalks, 1948
1946 Packard Clipper
An industrial-strength Christmas
Will it fit down the chimney?
Better than eight tiny reindeer!
Not the North Pole
Schwinn Tornado, 1957
Slinky, the tinsel substitute
Do I feel a draft?
Toyland, Toyland  .  .  .
Yule logs, 1952
Grandmother and Barbara