Space Art

From floating biscuits to the Atomic Pulse Rocket and even a Moon Couch, a gallery of the farthest-out art you’ve ever seen. Plus a monster or two. Now where’d we put that ray gun?

Demonic Tots and Deeply Disturbing Cuisine

Inexplicably one of our most popular galleries, it’s home to the Spaghetti Kid, Scowling Martian Tots, Hamgirl, Beany Boy, Peas in Potato Boats. Meat: You’re Right in Liking It.

Black and White: Newspaper Ads

From the late 1950s, a collection of mostly full-page announcements heralding the arrival of the Edsel, Lincoln, Plymouth and more.

Pro Wrestlers of the 1950s

So far we have images from the official National Wrestling Association calendar for 1955. Verne Gagne, Antonino Rocca, Hans Schmidt, Lou Thesz, Yukon Eric (nice guy done wrong by his girl), Ray Gunkel, Jack Dempsey, Baron Leone, all painted by Vaughan Bass.

The Cars of “Perry Mason”

We are just starting out on this one so there’s no index page yet; these are all from the first (1957-58) season. Perry’s first car is a Ford Skyliner (retractable hardtop), then he graduates to a Cadillac. In the 1959-60 episodes he drives a Continental convertible.

Food and Drink

The culinary and architectural arts as illustrated by Pete Hawley, Stan Ekman, George Cooper Rudolph, Douglass Crockwell and many others.

Vintage Bathrooms

Fans of Marvin Culbreth and the Crane Criterion line need look no further than the gallery we whipped up for Fixafaucet. Plus: Salmon-colored toilets and strategically placed book nooks.

Patent Drawings

At PatentRoom, restaurants shaped like pigs and teapots, and a variety of scary toys.

Too Happy!

A gallery of the unsettlingly elated, especially for people who are just doing the dishes.

Cars: 1930-1960

One of our main attractions — eight galleries of more than 500 illustrations from sales literature and vintage ads, many available as large-format fine-art prints.

Trucks and Trains

More than 100 vintage images of pickups, big rigs and trains. Among the highlights are William Campbell’s storybook-style illustrations for Autocar Trucks from the 1940s.

Vintage Ads

Eight galleries of more than 500 illustrations from sales literature and vintage ads, many available as large-format fine-art prints.

Station Wagons

Everybody in the car, and no squabbling! Illustrations from the heyday of the station wagon.


Retro decoration, and inspiration. Vintage bathrooms!


Some seasonal favorites that we haul down from the attic once a year.


A scrapbook of 35mm slides, publicity photos and archival material. Gas stations. Buick City.

Crate Label Art

Our companion site, BoxOfApples.com, showcases crate art from the first half of the 20th century. Each label is available as a large-format fine-art print.

New Scans

Ongoing blog of our latest additions. Original texts annotated with scintillating commentary.

Buy Art

More than 500 large-format prints struck by David Hall in Fairfax, Virginia. Printed with archival eight-color inks on museum-quality, acid-free art paper imported from France.


High-resolution tifs for ad agencies, publishers, creative directors, webmasters.

Hooked on Juice

The Hawley gang do a public-service message: Fruit juice, even with no sugar added, has just as much sugar and calories as soda pop — or even more! Who knew? Charts, facts, figures.


All about Plan59, formerly EphemeraNow.